Next-gen, mobile-led learning is more in tune than ever before with the communication and media consumption habits of modern learners.

Genuinely consumer-grade learning experiences are now where the learners’ eyes are - on their smartphones, wherever and whenever they want or need a high-quality, personalised learning moment. But despite all that, it turns out that a digital experience alone sometimes won’t cut it for those learners.

They want to get physically involved in the learning process, use all five senses. Share the experience, live and in real time, with other people, run around, make some noise, work up a sweat and - dare we say it - even have a few laughs. Whoever would have imagined that? Well, we did.

In this webinar, we’ll share the adventures we’ve had building and facilitating fully immersive, multi-sensorial phygital learning experiences with some of our marquee clients.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What makes a fabulous phygital experience - what the learners expect, and what you can get them to do!
  2. Where phygital learning experiences are breaking new ground - and where in fact they’re repurposing tried and tested techniques and competences
  3. Why phygital learning is about more than just “using digital tech in a live physical setting”
  4. What the killer components you need are (and the pitfalls you need to avoid) if you’re designing your own phygital experience

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Adam Charlesworth - Chief Storyteller, Teach on Mars
Adam has been developing and leading Corporate Universities for companies all over the world for most of the last 15 years.