Next-gen learning is not about technology. It’s not even about content. It’s about your ability to create connections and mobilise learning communities. And to create continuous, collaborative development experiences that string learning moments  together into a seamless whole that is closely related to business reality yet shot through with authenticity and fun. Application matters. Ongoing support matters. Feedback matters. Measurement matters. Just as importantly, humanity matters. Teach on Mars gets this, which is why we describe our mobile-led next-gen solution as “digital learning with soul”.
To illustrate what we mean, we’ve invited David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group (Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst) to join us for a webinar in which we will explore how to evolve L&D beyond the tech to build learning experiences that really do work.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Understand the realities of digital learning today - what’s working out there, and what isn’t.
  2. Find opportunities for L&D initiatives to have a genuine impact in your organisation.
  3. Create ongoing learning experiences that go beyond the digital environment into the flow of work - and into the flow of the learner’s life.
  4. Maximise the value learning delivers to your organisation’s culture.

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Adam Charlesworth - Chief Storyteller, Teach on Mars

Speaker-ACAdam has been developing and leading Corporate Universities for companies all over the world for most of the last 15 years.

David Perring - Director of research, Fosway Group

Speaker-DP(Fosway)David has been involved in Education and Talent Development for over 30 years. Over that time, he has transformed the people development practices of the organizations he has worked for by using innovative strategies, new technologies, partnership and team work. Today, he provides expert advice and thought leadership to organizations looking to transform their People functions.